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						Bd427 Sc

BD Replicas 427SC Roller

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, BringaTrailer.com

The story of Carroll Shelby, the AC Ace and a 260 ci Ford V8 doesn’t need retelling with this crowd, as Shelby’s introduction as an American manufacturer and subsequent USRRC, World Sportscar Championship and 24 Hour of Le Mans finishes mark one of the most celebrated stories in American Motorsport. Re-creating that history is a passion for hundreds of thousands of people the world over, and speaking of re-creating history, what could be better than bagging a hand-formed roadster from England and wedging in a Ford V8 yourself? Built with astounding mechanical and cosmetic accuracy, this BD Replicas 427 Cobra offers a nostalgic build opportunity for the mechanically inclined.

BD Replicas hails from Stoke-on-Trent in central England, and the venture started as a restoration and repair business that built a few Dax Cobra replicas a year on the side. Easily moving the Cobras each time, the venture shifted more and more resources to Cobra replica production — allegedly with around 160 Cobras completed by 2015. It was then that builder Dave Brookes decided to design an all-new car with a high degree of accuracy, and the first BD427SC was born in 2015.

The list of standard features on the BD Cobra seems to throw the pocketbook to the wind, with four-inch main chassis rails, stunning chassis work, hand-formed aluminum body panels and all the supporting trim. BD also offers 289 leaf-spring suspension, and 427 coil-spring suspension on their cars, and this one is spec’d out as a road-going 427 model.

Currently a roller, it seems that work began on the car in 2018 but stalled when a body shop was unable to finish prep work. The body is currently in raw aluminum with some filler work done on the rear. All the mechanicals are in order for a Ford FE V8 engine and TopLoader transmission, but these components are not included in the sale.

It’s tough to make a big impression in the Cobra market with so many options out there, but we can’t see a single reason why this BD427SC won’t bring strong money. Cosmetics and mechanicals (minus your FE driveline off course) are spot on, and that raw aluminum is sure to get your pulse going.

With a current bid of $25,000 and four days remaining in the auction, check out the BD Cobra here on BringaTrailer.com.

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