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						Grand Sport Project 5
7.0-Liter Grand Sport Project

LS7-powered Grand Sport project car

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

With a pair of C2s in one stall, and what looks to be a Pontiac Le Mans/GTO in the next, our subject here is definitely a GM aficionado. So it’s fitting then, that one of those classic Corvettes is a tribute to arguably the most significant Vette ever built — the lightweight Grand Sport.

From what we can see in the photos, the chassis is based on 4-inch main rails and utilizes Corvette C4 suspension, suggesting that this is a Mongoose Motorsports Grand Sport replica. The chassis looks to be in great shape, and includes upgraded coilovers and a full braking system.

The owner had big plans for the drivetrain in the car, and has included a 2008 GM LS7, TREMEC five-speed transmission, bellhousing, and ECU in the sale. Allegedly tuned by Hennessy, the 427 ci engine should be good for some serious power, as even the stock LS7 makes about 500 hp. The engine is short a few parts as seen in the photos, but you’re still looking at roughly an $8,000 bonus in the engine alone.

The fiberglass body panels on the car seem consistent with other Mongoose replicas that we’ve seen, and it appears that someone got a start on the bodywork around the gaps and door jams. There’s surely more to do however, and the interior of the car is essentially bare.

But all things considered, this could be an absolutely exceptional Grand Sport when it’s finished with some truly Earth-shaking performance. The seller is looking for $45,000 for the car, which puts it above the cost of most Grand Sport project cars, but still significantly cheaper than the $80,000 to $120,000 other finished cars ask.

See the Grand Sport here on Atlanta Craigslist.

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