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$40K Cobra Roundup

Three great secondhand Cobra replicas for $40K

By Dean Larson

Photos: Sellers, Racingjunk.com, Classiccars.com and Craigslist

Whether you have Spring fever and a fat stack of cash burning a hole in your wallet, or you’re just trying to compare to your own roadster at home, it pays to know where the market’s at. And when we’re looking at Cobra replicas for right around $40,000, there’s a nice variety of turnkey cars out there boasting some nice finishes ready to turn heads.

To give you a good idea of what $40,000 will get you on the secondhand market, we’ve compiled three Cobra roadsters from across the web and ranked them according to our personal taste.

3. “Show Quality” Classic Roadsters 427

The seller of this Classic Roadsters 427 replica hasn’t disclosed the odometer reading on this Cobra, but we’re willing to bet it’s quite low given its condition. Inside and out, this Cobra looks as good as new, and if you’re in Florida, this one’s worth considering.

The car started out as one of Classic Roadsters extended wheelbase models, which means there’s a little extra space in the cockpit and doors if you’re in need. It’s powered by a fuel-injected Ford 302, but there’s clearly been a ton of work done since this little SBF was relieved from a Fox body engine bay. It wears various polished intake components, upgraded plumbing, MSD ignition, finned valve covers and a high degree of fit and finish throughout the engine bay. Per the seller, a Borg-Warner five-speed transmission directs power to a narrowed Ford 8.8-inch rear axle out back with 3.27 gears.

Climb into the interior and you’re greeted by traditional Cobra style buckets, AutoMeter gauges and an AC-badged steering wheel. Other bonus extras include a fire extinguisher mount, heater and 12-volt power supply. Take a walk around the exterior, and things continue to look sharp from the bright red paint, down to the Halibrand-style wheels and spotless side pipes.

In my opinion, the positives you’re looking at with this Cobra include the added intertior space, four-link rear suspension, excellent condition throughout and the rock-bottom price point. Check out the Classic Roadsters Cobra here on racing junk.com for $38,000 in Eustis, Florida.

2. 348 Stroker-Powered Shell Valley Roadster

Shell Valley is one of the most established names in the industry, and this example sure delivers on features for the money. It’s finished in bright red paint with white stripes and wears true Halibrand knock-offs, which is a big differentiator in this price range.

The real headline for us on this one is the powerplant though, which is probably the most exciting engine in the list. Understated except for a Cobra air cleaner and valve covers, this car is actually powered by a 347 ci Ford stroker topped with a pair of four-barrel carburetors and backed by a four-speed TopLoader. A combination like this could provide some serious rpm and horsepower, in addition to some extra kudos at the next Cobra meet.

The seller has disclosed that the car has 10,725 miles on the clock, which is quite a bit more than your average Cobra, but that’s offset a bit by the benefit of its California SB-100 registration. (And it likely means she's well sorted out as well.) The seller asks $42,500 for the car in Santa Maria, California, here on classiccars.com.

1. Tangerine Dream Factory Five

I’ve taken to calling this little FFR Tangerine Dream, and I think it’s plain to see why it gets my pick for around $40,000. While it’s the most expensive car on the list at $44,900, I think this Cobra makes up for it as a 100 percent brand new build with show-stopping looks.

The recipe for this car starts out with one of Factory Five’s proven roadster kits, which was completed in 2014. It’s powered by a brand new Ford 302 engine from Phoenix Engine, hooked up to a TREMEC 3550 five-speed transmission. The seller reports that the transmission was also brand new, which either means that the transmission was sitting on a shelf for some time, or it was rebuilt, as the 3550 was superseded by the TKO-500/600 in 2004. Either way, you’re looking at some solid components that are going to propel this car for years to come.

When it comes to cosmetics, this Cobra is going to stand out in a crowd without even trying, largely thanks to the tangerine orange and brushed silver racing stripes. The color really pops in the sun, and the silver stripes nicely accent the sidepipes, trim and color-matched roll bar. The Halibrand-style wheels are bolt-on versus true knock-offs, but the wheel and tire combination is nicely sized, and the modern Kumho rubber should help keep her hooked to the road.

Compared to the cars we typically find in this price bracket, this Factory Five Cobra replica is the complete package and a car any of us would be proud to own. Find it here on Austin Craigslist, where the seller is asking $44,900.

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