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						Maserati Mexico
1 of 485: 1968 Maserati Mexico Coupe

1968 Maserati Mexico Coupe

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Hemmings

Speed was easy to come by in the mid 1960s if all you needed was a pair of buckets and a big engine. But what about something transport two or three adults with a few bags? Something stylish, with ample space and power to hit triple digit speeds on the open roadways. Well then you needed a four-seat grand touring car, and Europe had excellent options out there, provided you had deep pockets. One of the most subtle and stylish offerings came from Maserati, in the 4.7-liter V8 Mexico coupe.

The svelte Mexico coupe came actually about through a one-off prototype 2+2 body constructed by Vignale in 1965. A radical 4.9-liter 5000 GT was damaged and ended up getting stripped down to the chassis to serve as the mechanical basis for the new build. The finished car was quite stylish, and was purchased by the Mexican president Adolfo López Mateos, which is thought to be the inspiration for the Mexico name.

Noting the favorable reception at the October Paris Motor Show in 1966, Maserati planned a Mexico production model to be based on a modified Maserati Quattroporte chassis. 290 hp came by way of a 4.7-liter Maserati V8 with twin-choke Weber carburetors, and later a less powerful 4.2-liter engine was made available as well. A plush leather interior was fitted from the factory, and the 4.7-liter cars rolled on chrome Borrani wheels. Just 485 versions of the production Mexico were built, and the rarest and most desirable are the 4.7-liter cars, as just 175 were built.

This 1968 Maserati Mexico listed on Hemmings classifieds in Saint Charles, Illinois, appears to be everything on could as for in the marque. It’s one of the desirable 4.7-liter cars with Borrani wires, and it’s finished in an alluring combination of black paint over a red leather interior. The selling dealer notes that the car has been repainted and shows well, but the interior and driveline are said to be completely original. Mileage is moderate at just 52,715 shown.

It appears that this Maserati Mexico needs very little to be show ready, and I cant discern why the car is so reasonably priced at $85,000. Hagerty’s price guide suggests north of $110,000 for a fair condition 4.7-liter car, and nearly $200,000 for a concours example. There’s likely a reason the asking price is so low, but I’m not seeing it from the listing.

Check out the Maserati Mexico here on Hemmings classifieds.

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