SEMA Patina

Posted January 24, 2018

By Dean Larson

Photos by Dean Larson, Jeff Bruss and Derek Waterhouse

ReinCarNation is not about rat rods, but even we recognize there are instances where fresh paintwork isn't the only option. Sometimes a vehicle might spend 30 years in a field, acquiring some fading and wear along the edges, giving it a totally unique look. And as long as the rust isn't super evident, taking away that unique weathered look might be an injustice. 

My brother's project car for instance, is a 1954 Pontiac that's been hopped up for fun weekend driving, the occasional radar run event and mad burn outs. The faded blue finish with clay-colored primer sticking through is an awesome look, and allows him to drive the car, lean on it, and go to shows without worrying about someone's child ruining a $8,000 paint job with a ring pop. 

But the patina look goes beyond convenience for your weekend driver. Top builders at SEMA have caught on, and some of the most notable builds this year had paintwork influenced by mother nature herself.

Patina, love it or hate it, it might be here to stay. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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