Interiors of Elkhart Lake 2019

Posted July 29, 2019

I'll go out on a limb and say that the vehicle you drove to work today likely has a pretty boring, plastic interior — I know I'm guilty. Unless you're the fortunate or determined sort who daily drives an interesting collector car, you're likely accustomed to the toy-like plastic knobs and controls and chinsy materials we deal with in our cars today. In the pursuit of mindless functionality and the bottom line, our interiors have become helplessly boring. Sure, functionality is good in a daily driver, but as I've said before, today's interiors have us lamenting the lost artwork in it all.

Collector cars and race machines are a breath of fresh air in that respect, and I grabbed my fair share of interior shots last weekend at Road America and the Elkhart Lake Concours d’Elegance. I consider myself a rank amateur behind a camera lens, but details like gear shifts and tachometers just make for interesting photos.

A few that stood out over the weekend, were a Riley boattail race car with full Jaeger instrumentation, a period-looking USRRC Cobra replica and a radical Ferrari F40 LM. I feel like an honorable mention is due for the Audi UR Quattro and its dapper "Graphite Eton Flannel Cloth" interior as well. Can you imagine Audi offering such an interior these days?

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