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Posted February 11, 2019

In our previous issue, I noted in my column that this is the time of year that many of you tackle new project cars, so I shared a few suggestions for making the most of your workspace. (And I also realized that I need to follow my own advice.)

Anyway, as you make headway on your buildup during those long winter months, scraping knuckles and toiling in a cold garage late at night, I wanted to give you something to look forward to when you’re done. A light at the end of the tunnel, as it were — and it’s not an oncoming Cobra.

One of the main duties of ReinCarNation is to provide you, dear reader, with what your peers are handcrafting. We’re not able to follow along on most of the interesting buildups out there to see how they turned out, so we rely on our enthusiastic readers to send us photos and info on their project cars. (Of course, many of the cars we feature are professionally built, at least to some degree, and those are certainly of interest as well.)

Here’s the fun part: What we receive are often remarkable sagas of your involvement with your automotive passions. These include all the heartaches and happiness that you’ve encountered along the way, plus some invaluable tech tips to make things go easier for your fellow car builders.

That’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I’m always impressed by your ingenuity and persistence in overcoming various challenges, and also expressing creativity with custom touches. That’s why our Reader’s Ride features are some of my favorites, and we’ve expanded the size and number in each issue.

So we invite you send us high-res photos (1 MB or larger, please) of your completed project car, along with some info on your project. We’re especially looking for details on how you’ve customized it. While the parts and pieces are important, we also like to hear about your personal background and any fun and informative stories you’d like to share. Please stay in touch!

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