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Posted March 01, 2017

By Dean Larson

Photos Courtesy of Motostalgia

Type the words “most beautiful car ever” into your search bar and I guarantee you’ll see the Bugatti Atlantic as one of the top results. While we’re not here to start that argument, it’s plain to see the Atlantic would be deserving of the title if there were ever a metric to determine such a thing. While some cars are adored for quirky lines, every curve on the Atlantic seems deliberate and perfect. Unquestionably one of Bugatti’s crowning jewels, only four Atlantics were ever built, and three of these exist today. These cars are worth roughly $40 million and are unlikely to cross an auction block any time soon. Inspired by the Type 57 Atlantic, Delahaye USA created this interpretation, named the Pacific, and it will be crossing the block at Amelia Island.

Lauren Bugatti

"57SC Atlantic: Rear 3/4 view" by Joe Cheng / CC BY 2.0 -

The Pacific was built, not as a direct replica, but as a reimagined Atlantic by Delahaye and former Hot Rod and Car Craft Magazine editor Terry Cook. The Pacific’s composite body is based on a custom tube-chassis that measures 10 inches longer than the original. It can be seen that this extra wheelbase has gone into streamlining the windshield and lengthening the driver’s compartment. In addition, the side windows on the Pacific have streamlined and the windshield does not have a center divider. Otherwise, the Pacific retains most of the Atlantic’s look and styling cues, including the signature exposed “dorsal seam” and rear wheel-covers present on many of the Type 57s. In the interior, exact copies were made of original Atlantic seat frames and covered in a fabric Cook chose after an extensive search. A BMW 12-cylinder engine and automatic transmission were chosen as the original Bugatti twin-cam straight eight is not an easy find. The Pacific rides on a set of 19 and 20-inch wire wheels with radial tires, a Ford 9-inch rear axle and a tubular-beam front axle. 

The Delahaye Bugatti Pacific will be presented for auction at Amelia Island by Motostalgia, where it’s estimated to sell for $240,000 to $300,000. The car can be seen here on Motostalgia’s website and more information is available on the Delahaye USA website.

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