Best Replicas and Low-Volume from SEMA ’17

Posted November 13, 2017

Mustang Continuations

You're spoiled for choice these days if you're looking for a brand-new classic Mustang. We spied this beautiful Shelby GT 500 continuation from Revology in the Roush Performance outdoor booth. The car had an aggressive stance, but was exacting in detail and finished well. A satin-black supercharger topped the new Roush power plant under the hood.

This new body from R3 Performance Products was easy to spot hanging above the Ford booth inside. We heard a lot of good things about R3's bodies from the builders at SEMA and Ford must agree, as these bodies are officially licensed. 

The GT 350 below is a new continuation car built by the Original Venice Crew, builders of some of the original Shelbys. The GT features independent rear suspension and other improvements originally designed into the car. Check out our news story on the car here for more info. 

Speedmaster FFR Daytona Coupe

We've been following the Speedmaster project SR-71 Blackbird for a month now, and SEMA was a nice opportunity to check out the build in person. As a vendor of thousands of speed parts, Speedmaster has plenty off-the-shelf components to put together a nice replica. Starting with a Type 65 Coupe from FFR, Speedmaster was able to put the Blackbird together in just six weeks. For propulsion, the coupe uses a 347-cubic-inch small block with a Speedmaster 8 stack EFI run by a FAST EZ EFI. The company estimates power at about 475 hp.

Other than the famous SR-71 aircraft, the lines of the Daytona Coupe inspired the company. "We wanted a project with American muscle, the lines of an Italian exotic, and sport pony car handling. A Daytona Coupe build was the obvious choice," says Jason Kencevski of Speedmaster.

If all goes as planned with Blackbird No. 1, the company plans to build and sell 10 coupes a year, the first of which, is already spoken for.

Superformance/Lingenfelter Corvette Grand Sport

Lingenfelter Performance had another show-stopping Grand Sport in their booth this year. The paint scheme is both familiar and refreshing, as the standard blue has been replaced with red but retains the normal white stripe. Under the hood is an LT4 Corvette engine, warmed-over by Lingenfelter. With some trick supercharger tuning, Lingenfelter is able to extract between 720 and 750 hp from these engines. 


Early Ford coupes are some of the most common replica cars on the market, and we're glad to see more manufacturers are building early Ford trucks as well. Factory Five debuted their new ’35 Ford Hot Rod kit at the show, and we were impressed with the result. The demo truck in their booth had a very traditional look with triple cars and original-style wheels, but take a closer look and you'll notice the triangulated frame out front and wicked inboard coil over setup. Look for more in an upcoming issue of RCN.

United Pacific Industries also had a new Ford on display, this one a steel body officially licensed by Ford. The complete body for ’32 through ’34 trucks is an exact match in shape to the original with slightly thicker gauge steel on the exterior.

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