1/2 Mile No Fly Zone

Posted June 12, 2017

By Dean Larson

Photos Courtesy of Omega Motorsport Events

Grassroots racing events are some of the most exciting forms of motorsport happening right now. We love watching racing as much as anyone, but we jump at the chance to get out there and put our own machines to the test. Most recently, we got a chance to run down to Rantoul, Illinois for the Omega Motorsport No Fly Zone Midwest event. The half-mile speed trap event featured an awesome variety of vehicles and some seriously high speeds. There’s a couple things we’d like to get done on our Scarab before it sees a half mile of WOT, so we packed up the stage three Audi S4 for a 1,200 mile round trip.

The Rantoul Aviation Center lent its extensive blacktop and closed down for the two-day contest that featured almost 100 cars. Racing was fun and competitive and any person could be called out at any time to run. Cars started from a roll and continued on to triple digit speeds. RCN sales team member and owner of the red Audi, John Kendall, ran over ten times and bested 133.7 mph, enough to outrun several modified cars including a BMW 1 Series, Mitsubishi EVO 10 and Pontiac GTO.

The field was stacked with quick production cars but a pair of mid-engine, low volume cars stood out from the pack. David Williams of Fast Lane Classic Cars

brought his personal Superformance GT40 and a Factory Five GTM from his sale inventory to run in the event. The GT40 is Williams’ baby, built for everyday drivability, but aggressive enough to campaign at vintage road-racing events. Powering the GT40 is a 427 cubic-inch Ford based on a Windsor-style aluminum Dart block and built by our friends over at Craft Performance Engines. The daily driver GT bested a 157.5 mph speed in the half-mile.

Williams’ second entry was a bright yellow Factory Five GTM that you can buy off his lot right now. Williams set out to prove the GTM in the half-mile, but instead proved that the BFG radials were no match for its 505 hp LS7. The GTM roasted the hides through four gears, but still posted a 153 mph trap speed. With more appropriate traction, Williams believes the LS and 6-speed Porsche trans would propel the GTM to 170 in the half-mile.

We’ll be watching Williams closely for the next few weeks, as he alluded to new Cobra he’s been working on. We wont spoil all the details, but he threw out the numbers 8.90-9.50, 150, 2 and 440. We’ll be sure to update you on that, but until then, lets hear your predictions. 

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