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						Granatelli Twin Turbo Camaro Kit

Twin Turbo Camaro

For the past year, the Granatelli Twin Turbo Kit for the 5th generation Camaro (2010-2014) has been dominating the road and drag strip alike. Using twin PTE6265 billet wheel turbochargers, this system is capable of producing 1250 horses at the flywheel on a built motor. Yet it’s refined and docile enough to produce 600 rwhp at just 7.5 lbs of boost on an otherwise stock LS3 engine. 

The turbine inlets and outlets are V-band mounted to ensure proper rotation and still produce a solid, gasketless mount, along with eliminating the risk of loose nuts and bolts near the turbo inlets and outlets. The all-stainless steel design includes high-temp thermo coating to provide long life and reliability. Large front-mount Bell core Intercoolers offer divorced 3.5” inlets and a single 4” outlet to ensure maximum restriction free airflow to the engine’s throttle body. Granatelli calls this system a true complete kit, with every nut, bolt, washer, screw and zip tie included to complete the installation

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