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Supercharging GM E-Rod Engines

Edelbrock has expanded its Universal E-Force Supercharger systems for GM LS engines to now include two new systems for use with GM E-Rod crate engines. These new Edelbrock Universal E-Force Supercharger systems are intended for use with GM Performance’s LC9 (#19258004) and LS3 (#19244805) E-Rod emissions-legal, Gen IV, small-block crate engines. They include all of the necessary components to increase the performance of these engines, while maintaining the E-Rod emissions-legal status. These systems are ideal for use on 1996-and-earlier vehicles and kit/project cars that require emissions testing.

Edelbrock Universal E-Force Supercharger systems feature 12” long runners for maximum low-end torque and better drivability. System (#15426) is claimed to produce 599+ hp at the flywheel and 547+ lb/ft. of torque. As a positive-displacement blower, it can provide instant and reliable horsepower with low boost for minimum stress on the engine, all in a compact design that fits under most hoods. These systems require the use of a universal heat exchanger (sold separately). Each system includes a handheld module for uploading the emissions-legal tune to the GM Parts Engine Control System.

Edelbrock Supercharger Systems 2

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