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						Qft Mechanical Fuel Pump
Mechanical Fuel Pumps

Mechanical Fuel Pumps from Quick Fuel Technology

A new line of high-output mechanical fuel pumps is now available from Quick Fuel Technology (QFT). Designed to withstand continuous high-rpm operation and free-flow at 110 GPH, they can satisfy the demands of most carbureted engines.

QFT’s mechanical fuel pumps are made from heavy-duty aluminum castings for light weight and increased strength. They are very user-friendly with internal fuel pressure regulators set at 6.5 to 8psi. The pump’s main body can be “clocked” (rotated) to accommodate various plumbing connections.

QFT’s mechanical pumps are currently available for small- and big-block Chevys; Ford 289, 302 and 351W; Ford 429 and 460; and small- and big-block Chryslers. All pump inlets and outlets are tapped for 3/8” NPT, except Chrysler models that have inlets and outlets tapped for 1/4" NPT.

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