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						Trigo Hub Adaptor
In the Hub of Things

Trigo’s hub adapters

By Steve Temple

Photos By Steve Temple, Harold Pace, and Joe Greeves

Trigo’s adapters enable you to install wheels with real knockoffs on your Cobra project without any machine work or welding. These adapters bolt onto 4.50", 4.75" or 5.50" bolt-pattern hubs by using the company’s unique pin nuts. They are available in either black oxide or gold iridite finish. Also, for street rod projects, Trigo Wheels has introduced a new 5 x 5.50" hub adapter for use on early Fords: 1935 and 1937-1948 model years. The hub adapters convert a 5-lug hub to enable the use of true knockoff wheels without any machine work or welding. The new adapter is available in a gold iridite finish and intended for use with Trigo’s traditional kidney bean wheels or any knockoff wheel drilled with a 5x5.50" bolt pattern.

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