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Half-Pipe Trick

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Contributed by John Lavet

In order to protect both fuel and brake lines on my Factory Five roadster, I’ve enclosed the rigid lines that run alongside both main frame rails and embedded them in twin lengths of polyethylene bar that have been routed in a "half pipe" shape. The two pieces of plastic clamp together and are then press-fitted into an aluminum channel that bolts up against the floor of the chassis. I think this will really protect against any road debris that might be kicked up by the tires, and will also keep the fuel at a lower temperature by insulating it from the hot asphalt when the car is idling. 

With this setup, I don't have to drill into the frame rails to attach the fuel and brake-line clips. (Whenever possible, I like to avoid making any holes in the larger frame pieces). One other cool feature of this arrangement is that I have room to run both the usual fuel and brake lines as well as a return line and an extra “line to nowhere” (capped off for now). This should work well in case I convert my 400hp, 408ci stroker engine (original 351 Windsor block with Edelbrock Performer heads and Performer Air Gap intake manifold) from a Holley 750cfm carb to a fuel-injection setup later on, or for any reason need to access another conduit on the passenger side. (FYI, the shot of the assembly installed under the car shows the aluminum coated with black Herculiner.)

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