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						Trans Dapt V8 Swap In A Box Kit
Engine Swap Meets

Trans Dapt V8 Swap-In-A-Box kits.

Looking to modernize your Chevy S10 with a hot LS engine? Or even modify a Mustang with a Chevy engine? Trans Dapt has expanded its lineup of V8 Swap-In-A-Box kits.

Why use an S10? This compact pickup is very popular among enthusiasts, but it lacks one thing: V8 power. So Trans Dapt began making its popular S10 V8 Swap-in-a-Box kits many years ago. 

Now, Trans Dapt has made its S10 V8 kits even better with the addition of the all new LS-engine Swap-in-a-Box kit for the 2WD 1982-2004 Chevrolet S10. The LS engine is just about the hottest ticket on the market when it comes to engine swaps.  Thanks to its light weight, small size, and amazing power potential, it has become the go-to engine for hot rodders, racers, and off-roaders alike. 

Swapping these popular engines into older vehicles, however, has typically required a certain amount of fabrication skill and a significant financial investment. To minimize these challenges, Trans Dapt joined forces with Hedman Hedders and Hamburger’s Performance Products to take the guesswork out of the LS transplant with its new S10 V8 LS Swap-in-a-Box kit.

The LS Swap-In-A-Box starts with a set of Hedman’s Pro-Touring Mid-Length headers featuring 1 1/2-inch primary tubes and a 2 1/2-inch collector for efficient flow and maximum ground clearance for lowered trucks. To make sure the engine is properly aligned, the kit includes Trans-Dapt’s LS-swap engine mounts, which the LS-swap headers were designed around to ensure that they fit right the first time, and come with mounting pads and hardware.

Rounding out the kit is the Hamburger’s LS-swap oil pan which keeps you from needing to change or modify the truck’s factory crossmember by relocating the LS-engine’s oil sump to the rear of the vehicle with an extended oil pickup tube. The Hamburger’s pan is also shallower than most factory LS oil pans to further improve ground clearance.

Trans Dapt’s S10 V8 LS Swap-in-a-Box kit is also available for S15 trucks, and the Chevrolet Blazer and GMC Jimmy Hedman Husler’s Muscle rods line of LS swap products also offers kits for installing an LS engine in classic GM A, B, F, G and X-body vehicles, Tri-5s, X-Frames, ½ Ton GM trucks/SUVs—and yes, even Fox-body (’82 to ’93) Ford Mustangs.

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