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						Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer
Emissions-Legal Tuner

Hypertech Max Energy 2.0 Power Programmers

Need more power and performance, but wary of the consequences of using a programmer that’s not certified in California? Hypertech, known for its high-performance engine tuning products, has taken the worry out of the sale and use of power programmers in California with its new Max Energy 2.0 Power Programmers. Certified as emissions legal in the Golden State (and the rest of the U.S., too), the Max Energy 2.0 optimizes engine tuning for maximum horsepower, torque and performance. New features include the ability to reprogram the tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) threshold when using larger than stock tires, a larger backlit LCD screen for easy navigation, plus quick, simplified installation, tuning and feature changes. Hypertech claims the unit provides increased fuel economy as well, with users reporting gains of two to four mpg. What’s more, there is absolutely no difference in horsepower, torque or performance between Hypertech’s California-certified power programmer and those available for sale outside the State of California. 

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