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Zetini Haast Aims to be New Zealand’s Sportscar

Zetini Haast spyder from Zetini Auto

The Zetini Group of Wellington, New Zealand, moves closer to unveiling its new Haast spyder, which features a blend of styling cues from several sportscars of the ’60s and ’70s.

Zetini’s CEO, Martin Foster, loved the E-Type Jaguars he owned in the past, but often found them impractical to drive and the cost of owning and maintaining them in New Zealand proved impractical. It was then, that Foster set out to build his own car that could be driven daily but had the throwback styling he enjoyed. Foster built a couple prototypes, first with an Alfa V6, and then Corvette Z06 parts, before establishing Zetini Auto and landing on a final Maserati-powered design. 

The Zetini Haast will be constructed with the bulk of its parts and labor coming from New Zealand. Foster designed a custom tube chassis and aluminum body that will both be manufactured in New Zealand. Power comes from a free-revving 4.2-liter Maserati V8 producing 440 hp and 354 lb-ft with help from a custom designed Borla intake. The design accounts for a six-speed manual transaxle or a paddle-shift unit.

The shape of the body has a few clear styling influences. The overall layout is reminiscent of the E-Type but the nose and tail sections have clear Ferrari cues. Foster states that the current chassis layout provides improved legroom and more comfortable seating in the cockpit.

Zetini Auto expects to debut a finished version of the Haast spyder in six months. 

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