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You Go Goblin!

DF Kit Car’s Goblin

DF Kit Car’s Goblin production is ramping up. According to the company, it has delivered several frames to the Midwest, and is assembling three in-house vehicles (two with automatic transmissions, and one manual with a turbo). For more details on the in-house buildup, check out the guide on the company’s forum:

Soon the firm will be starting on the second batch of Goblin kits, this time making 24 kits instead of 10 due to the volume of orders. New body panels are also in the works, and a different hood to allow for an open nose cone on the front has just been completed.

These new parts were fitted on the company’s very first prototype (P1), built back in 2014. That car was a great first step, the firm points out, but the new Goblin is so much improved that the P1 had become obsolete. Instead of letting the donor parts go to waste in the old frame, it was taken apart so of all of the pieces could be installed on what’s now called the P1 Rebuild. The car runs a 165hp 2.2-liter Ecotec from Chevy’s Cobalt.

Recently a Goblin took 2nd place in Hand Built Sports at the Dallas Autorama. “The car really stood out because it is outside the mold of most of the other hand-built cars,” DF’s Adam Doyle says, noting its mid-engine, open-wheel setup and a build price under $15,000, which can be paid in stages. A new offering is an extended frame for tall drivers.

DF Kit Car

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