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Welcome to Pleasantville

Good Guys West Coast Nationals

Story and Photos by Steve Temple

An idyllic, nostalgic world was transformed by a few strange twists in the movie Pleasantville. Suddenly everything wasn’t so perfect anymore, but in a good way, as it went from black-and-white normalcy to a multicolored reality with vibrant hues.

So too in Pleasanton, California, when the Goodguys West Coast Nationals takes place at an otherwise plain-vanilla fairgrounds. In late August it’s saturated with dazzling shades of metallic, fades and flames lavished on just about any kind of car you can imagine. From pre-‘48 rods to ‘50s and ‘60s kustoms, from Cobras to Corvettes, classic trucks to modernized Mopars. You name it, you’ll find it there, and then some. Which is why we attend, as we came across several promising cars that we plan on featuring in future issues.

We also look for new ways to trick out multifaceted show cars, and we weren’t disappointed. So check out the photos and see if there’s something you can use on your personal project. And once done, be sure not to miss out on adding your own dash of color to Pleasanton.

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