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						Watsons C4
Watson’s Streetworks C4 Relay

Watson’s Streetworks C4 four-relay system

The C4 four-relay control module from Watson’s Streetworks houses four 30 amp relays in a compact package. The 30 amp SPDT relays are paired in two pairs of two and can be triggered by hot or ground inputs. Each relay is also double throw, meaning two different circuits can be powered independently if needed, such as high beams and low beams. The compact housing measures 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches by 1.25 inches tall, and incorporates a space for labeling circuits. The unit is affordably priced at $69.00 and built in the U.S. Mounting screws and instructions are included with the C4 relay module.

Watson's StreetWorks | 866/859-0513 | www.watsons-streetworks.com

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