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Vintage Racing Brakes

Cobra Automotive vintage-legal disc-brakes

Cobra Automotive now offers competition quality, vintage-legal Mustang 4-piston disc-brake calipers, along with upgraded rear disc brakes. These calipers are for use with 11.375” rotors when a “period-correct” front brake setup is required for vintage racing events. (Be sure to check with your vintage organization rules to confirm legality.) Cobra Automotive’s rear disc brake kits have also been upgraded by including these new calipers.

The company starts with new castings in ductile iron, as were the original OEM units from Kelsey Hayes. Features include Silver Heat dissipating coating, 3/8-inch inlet ports, stainless steel crossover lines and pad retainers and wide wrench land bleeder screws.

Also included are special lightweight stainless-steel pistons with a cupped face and crowned contact surface to minimize heat transfer from the pads to the caliper. Note that these pistons do not have provisions for OEM-type dust boots.

Brake pads are not included, so contact a sales rep to select the best pads for your application. All replacement components as well as heat shields are available separately.

Cobra Automotive also offers these calipers for street use without the coating. These feature OEM-style pistons with dust boots and OEM type bleeders.

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