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Thermo-Tec Modular Coolers

Thermo-Flow modular coolers from Thermo-Tec

The new Thermo-Flow modular cooler system from Thermo-Tec is a unitized cooling system for a variety of fluid systems in your vehicle. The modular system consists of alloy coolers with both internal and external cooling fins to increase surface area and amplify cooling ability. Plumbed in series in a side-by-side or stacked configuration, the setup can be custom tailored to achieve the desired fluid cooling level for oil, transmission, power steering, intercooler, fuel and other systems.

Thermo-Tec estimates that for every inch of tube, the system has 6.713 in2 of heat radiation, and an interior heat soaking surface area of over 5 in2 per inch of tube. A two-tube assembly has over 13.426 in2 of heat dissipation per inch of length on the exterior, or over 154.4 in2 of surface area to dissipate heat on the 12 inch cooler. With a heat soaking surface area of the interior of over 110 in2 to pull the heat out of any liquid passing through it.

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