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						Shelby Series 1 Frame 1

The Shelby Series 1 Frames Resurface

Ever wonder what ever happened to all those finely engineered aluminum frames for the uncompleted Shelby Series 1 production? Bob Wingard of FII Roadsters snapped up all 70 or so of them a few years ago, and fitted a few of them with a torquey Ford FE V-8 and a Cobra-style body. Now he’s at work on other bodies on this versatile platform, starting with an aluminum Series 1 coupe, powered by a 675hp Shelby 427. Also in the works is a modified chassis, with the frame stretched to 102 inches to fit a ’60 Corvette body, and running a LS7 with a C6 transaxle.

“There are no external changes to the body and it will look like a factory car,” Wingard says. “And with a larger cockpit we plan on upgrading a few things.”

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