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Superformance to Revive the Ford-Shelby GR-1

Superformance plans to build Ford-Shelby GR-1 concept car

Last week, Superformance spilled the beans on an upcoming project, a licensed replica of the Ford-Shelby GR-1 concept car. We had our suspicions, as CEO Lance Stander had poked around about a new model and had even posted a photo of the GR-1 in one of our recent photo contests. But Stander declined to reveal any more info on the GR-1, until now.

Designed by Ford and unveiled in 2004-2005, the GR-1 is an aluminum-bodied concept vehicle that tipped its hat to the World Championship winning 1964-’65 Shelby Daytona Coupe. The GR-1 was powered by an all-aluminum, 605-hp, 6.4-liter V10. With its six-speed manual, the car is said to run 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, and go on to a projected top speed of 190 mph.

Unfortunately, Ford never developed the GR-1 concept any further, and the car fell off the collective radar. But Lance Stander of Superformance was always intrigued by the GR-1, and has spent the last six years developing the project and getting to know the right folks at Ford. Stander held out for a fully licensed, complete GR-1, and was eventually rewarded by a phone call from Ford’s brand licensing division.

Stander stressed to us though, that the GR-1 project is still very much in the early phases of development, and many of its technical details are still speculative. Since the car will be produced as a completed, turnkey vehicle, the new Shelby will be sold through the provisions of the 2015 Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, instead of the “kit car approach.”

“Everyone is very excited to move forward with it, but must wait for the 2015 Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act to be finalized. While the initiative has been moving forward lately, the government’s recent shutdown has idled any progress. We are all waiting for the final LVM regulations to come from NHTSA.” — Lance Stander, CEO Superformance and Shelby Legendary Cars

Stander explained to us that the car will likely be in development for a couple years after the terms of the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act is finalized, as the all drivetrain options and some safety equipment are within its terms.

The folks at Superformance and Shelby have discussed several powertrain options for the GR-1, including the 2020 Ford Mustang and even electric options, but we’ll have to wait a while for definitive answers there. Stander did clue audiences in that this will be one fast Shelby.

Lance Stander revealed us in to a few other details over the phone. The car will indeed be branded the Shelby-Ford GR-1, a big plus for registration and collectability. The car will also be sized up slightly from the concept car, making it a bit less cramped inside. It will be available with polished or painted aluminum bodies, and the team is also planning a carbon-fiber-bodied version.

With SEMA’s recent legal moves against NHTSA back in November, there has been a renewed push to finalize the Low Volume Act, and we’re hoping for an update there soon. And with it, we hope to bring you more on the GR-1.


Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept” by Ian Muttoo licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

And courtesy of Superformance

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