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Light my Way

Funco sandrail equipped with Baja Designs lighting

By Steve Temple

The superhero Green Lantern uttered a number of oaths over the years, but they all had one thing in common: dark things cannot stand the light. As “The Scientists of Lighting,” Baja Designs knows exactly what that means. The company offers a range of illumination systems for various applications. This Funco sandrail is a good example of the need for a bright lighting system, in this case, for finding your way home on a dark desert night. It has one pair of XL Pro 4-inch lights on the A-pillars, along with a 40-inch OnX6 Arc curved light bar. 

Whichever system fits your particular vehicle, all of Baja Designs’ lights feature uService — user-changeable lenses, bezels and optics. Funco took advantage of this feature by having the bezels powder-coated to match the color of the car.

Other new products from Baja Designs include the new the LP9 light system, based upon the company’s La Paz 8-inch HID/Halogen light. Due to demand for a light with a large 8-inch form factor, Baja Designs created an improved LED version of the La Paz. The new LP9 utilizes Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT) to enhance the lighting patterns, featuring two groups of three IPT LEDs at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. (The six IPT LEDs are in addition to nine of the more familiar LEDs in the light’s center, which produce the long-distance spot lighting.) 

The IPT LEDs do not use reflectors attached to the LED, instead using directionally engineered reflectors within the IPT housings. These reflectors redirect the light into a lighting pattern for seeing close obstacles when cornering and traveling through technically difficult terrain.

All told, the new LP9 light system provides a more useful light output from the original La Paz, with new styling, delivering a “large light look.” It’s ideal for Jeeps, SUVs, and other off-road rigs. 

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