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Recap: Street Rod Nationals in Louisville

Street Rod Nationals

Text by Dean Larson

Photos by Derek Waterhouse

An estimated 10,000 hot rods and 30,000 car lovers swarmed Louisville this past week for the 47th annual Street Rod Nationals. With everything from vintage wheel styles to retro speed parts being replicated, it’s clear that going backward is going forward in hot rodding. Building a car from the ground up has become a lot easier over the past decade. With an increasing variety of new bodies, frames and components on the market, building your own hot rod doesn’t require the technical and mechanical know-how it once did. 

We came across dozens of body manufacturers – everything from ’32 Fords and '41 Willys to full-on vintage Ford Broncos. Chassis and suspension manufacturers have paved the way to drop these steel and fiberglass reproduction bodies right on top of beautifully welded and perfectly balanced frames. Pick your favorite upholstery, wheels, engine and drivetrain and you’re on your way to next year’s Street Rod Nationals.

Watch for features on the companies and builders pioneering replica hot rodding in future issues of ReinCarNation Magazine.

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