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Cobra folks were able to gaze on crown jewels of a whole ‘nuther sort at this year’s London Cobra Show (LCS). There’s was nothing unsavory about this event (in dramatic contrast to the darker history of the Tower of London). All told, the 2014 LCS was a tremendous success, with more than 180 Cobra replicas attending (and even one original). It was an exceptional weekend full of exciting events that will remain in everyone’s memories. Especially for Mark Braden of Galloway, Ohio, this year’s raffle winner, who’s now the happy owner of a Shell Valley Cobra repro.

Gathering at the Speedway Gas Station (normally an oasis for truckers) on Saturday morning was quite an experience that you should to witness at least once in your life. All told, an incredible display of power and performance as far as your eye could see.

Then the caravan into the town of London was truly an amazing experience, with all the town folk, police and fire department greeting Cobra owners like kings and queens of the road. (Prince William and Kate Middleton have got nuthin’ on these red-blooded Cobra owners!) As the pictures show, plenty of rubber was burnt this weekend.

The Gala under the tent on Saturday was an incredible display of Shelby heritage as two of Shelby's greats treated us with a glimpse of what it would have been like working under Carroll Shelby. Allen Grant and Peter Brock provided a tandem presentation that was spellbinding and reminded the attendees how lucky we are to interact with key players who played pivotal roles in the stunning success of the Cobra. Truly special.

This three-day event was all for a good cause, too, raising an impressive contribution to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The Ohio Cobra Club was able to donate $60,000 to the CF Foundation bringing the grand total of donations up to $900,000! Next stop, the $1,000,000 mark.

Congratulations to the hard-working volunteer staff, all LCS participants, and sponsors. Numerous clubs were in attendance, in addition to the Ohio host club. As always the other car clubs interact as if they were brothers and sisters. Each with its own persona bring with it friendships old and new. And they all eagerly anticipate sharing with the rest of the clubs' members and making new friends forever.

Look forward to next year, as the 2015 raffle car will be a Superformance MK III S/C 20th anniversary Edition #1, powered by a Roush 427 R engine. So the Power of London will keep on ruling with a fist of Detroit iron.

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