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Peddling a Green Cycle

Lightweight dune buggies are a natural fit with EV technology

Lightweight dune buggies are a natural fit with EV technology, and the latest version that we’ve come across is a joint project between Green Cycle Design and Harris Composites. The electric system operates at 130 volts maximum, using an AC-50 motor with regenerative braking and a 100 amp-hour lithium battery pack. Projected range is range is as much as 80 miles, Green Cycle’s Ken Clayton claims, and freeway speeds are possible as well. Lee Harris laid up the body, based on a former Allison Dune Buggy body fitted on a 1975 VW chassis, with some mods to the hood and fuel tank for battery storage. “I drove this buggy with a gas motor and now the electric motor,” notes Clayton. “The electric motor kicked the gas motor in acceleration and is very quiet.” 

Green Cycle Design 2

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