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						Kenne Bell Bigun
Now That’s a Bigun!

Kenne Bell’s Cowl Induction Inlet

Once again, Kenne Bell, the leader in late-model Hemi supercharger kits, leaves the competition gasping for air with the industry’s largest displacement, most powerful Twin Screw Kit. Most supercharger kit manufacturers and OEM’s use the same low-cost, little 2.3L, 4x4 lobe rotors for superchargers. By comparison, the popular higher horsepower Kenne Bell Mammoth Kits all use the larger displacement/higher horsepower 2.8, 3.6, and 4.2 Twin Screw setups with the more efficient 4x6 lobe rotors. Dodge also chose the Twin Screw for its new 2015 Challenger Hellcat, the first musclecar (except for the infamous Ford GT) to step up to the more efficient Twin Screw. 

The new Bigun is designed to take over where the popular Kenne Bell Mammoth Kits leave off. The Bigun is designed for maximum horsepower, competition Hemis, and supports 1200 to 2000+ hp. It includes the 2350 cfm (168mm) Bigun inlet system (vs. the 777 cfm (81mm) stock Dodge part). 

The huge unrestricted rear inlet design allows high-pressure, cool dense air to be pulled from the cowl area, just like racers use in NASCAR, and were popular on many highly desirable muscle cars of the golden era. Like all Kenne Bell superchargers, the 100-percent billet 4.7LC features exclusive Patented Liquid Cooling and Seal Pressure Equalizer for a cooler air charge, higher rpm and more horses. Also new is the Case Injection port which allows for the injection of alcohol, water and nitrous for additional air charge cooling. 

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