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						Walt Gt40
November Photo of the Month Winner

RCN Mag November Photo Contest Winner

CONGRATULATIONS to reader Walt W. of Florida and his 1966 GT40 replica for taking home the trophy, well really it’s a t-shirt, in the November Photo Contest. Walt’s replica was built by Cape Advanced Vehicles in South Africa. Walt selected a CAV GT because they use stainless steel for their monocoque chassis, and because of how closely the dimensions of the car match those of the original GT40s. Like the originals this replica is powered by a small-block Ford engine. Walt’s is a 302 bored and stroked to a 347-ci producing 470 horsepower. Walt did include a few luxuries in his replica that the originals lacked, such as air conditioning, leather seats and power-assisted brakes.

Factory Five and Superformance have been trading places on the podium for the better part of 2018 before Walt took it over this month with his CAV GT. He nudged out a Mongoose Grand Sport and the new Superformance Future GT Forty, well lets call it more of a shove than a nudge because the margin was not very close.

Contest Grand Sport

The December contest is now up and running. As usual it’s jam packed with some awesome rides. You’ll find a BRA 289, D&D Grand Sport, Porsche 917, GT40 and much more. Please check out your fellow reader’s rides and vote!

Cast a vote for your favorite here and you can also submit your own ride for our next round of voting here. Winners will receive free ReinCarNation t-shirt and may be contacted about their vehicle being featured in ReinCarNation Magazine.

Best of luck to future contestants and thank you to those that vote!

RCN Team

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