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						Merlin Cofano M 1 Project 1
Merlin Waves His Wand—to Say Farewell

The M-1 by Merlin Cofano.

Looking to start your own car-builder business? The M-1 project is now being offered for sale by designer/builder Merlin Cofano. An artistically created, handcrafted, custom fiberglass sports car, it’s based on a standard VW chassis, and designed to be ready to wire up and fire up. The mid-engine configuration can be made to desired specs as to engine and suspension on a standard VW chassis, or your own custom made chassis. Currently installed engine on the prototype is an air-cooled VW with Porsche shroud.

Merlin Cofano M 1 Project 2

Interested parties, whether an existing manufacturer, startup company or individual, can obtain complete rights to produce and sell the M-1 on the open market. Asking price for this project is $59,990.

M-1 creator Merlin Cofano, a well known and respected car designer and artist, is retiring after many years in the industry. Some additional tooling and shop equipment is for sale as well. Merlin’s Z-car and Bullet designs are also available for purchase of both design and production rights.

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