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						Thierrys 2013 Superformance Mkiii
May Photo of the Month Winner

RCN Mag May Photo Contest Winner

CONGRATULATIONS to Superformance owner Thierry H. from California for winning the May Photo of the Month Contest!

Thierry sent us three great photos of his alluring MkIII and told us to pick our favorite for the contest, and admittedly, we had trouble deciding! For your enjoyment, we decided to share all three of them here. The Cobra is powered by a 514 ci Ford pushing 600hp and 600 lb-ft. If that doesn’t get your ticker going, you might want to have the doc check you out. Thierry’s Cobra has also has some exceptional finishing touches, including extra glossy contrasting paintwork and quilted upholstery throughout the interior. This ride surely gets plenty of attention on the street!

This win marks another victory for Superformance Owners, who have become a regular sight on our photo contest podium. Thierry edged out Len’s Factory Five 818S and Joe’s 1970 Mustang Mach 1, which came in a close 3rd. We have the June contest up and running now, where you’ll find more Cobras of course, from Superformance as well as Hurricane, Shelby, Factory Five, Unique Motorcars, Classic Roadsters and Backdraft. You’ll also find a Fiberfab Jamaican, Lamborghini Contach replica, a Mustang and a BMW.

Lens Factory Five 818 S

Check out next month's entries here vote for your favorite here, and also submit your own ride for our next round of voting here. Winners will receive free ReinCarNation T-shirt and may be contacted about their vehicle being featured in ReinCarNation magazine.

Best of luck to future contestants and thank you to those that vote!


RCN Team

Joes 1970 Mach 1

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