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March Photo of the Month Winners

RCN Mag May photo contest winners

CONGRATULATIONS to reader Paul P. of Washington and his Factory Five Roadster for taking home the March 2020 Photo Contest. Paul submitted this stunning photo of his dream car parked above Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. We see a lot of photos come through HQ (some good, some not so good), and we have to say that Paul’s here is exceptional.

Paul was being chased to the finish line in last month’s contest by Ronald’s Grand Sport and Bill’s Porsche 904FF. They finished second and third respectively. Paul showed he had a little more left in the tank than his competition knew, and finished with a fairly solid margin of victory.

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The April Contest is now live and it includes a great and diverse mix of rides. You’ll find a couple Grand Sports, a Dragon, Manta, Shala GT, custom Corvette and a Superformance MKIII. Please check out your fellow reader’s rides and vote!

Cast a vote for your favorite here and you can also submit your own ride for our next round of voting here. Winners will receive free ReinCarNation t-shirt and may be contacted about their vehicle being featured in ReinCarNation magazine.

Best of luck to future contestants and thank you to those that vote!

RCN Team

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