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March Photo of the Month Winner

ReinCarNation Photo of the Month Contest Winner

Reader Randall T. and his Four Horseman took home the March Photo Contest Grand Prize. He’ll be flaunting his new RCN t-shirt around our home state of Wisconsin if we can ever thaw out up here. We can’t do much other than drool here when we look at Randall’s lineup of cars in that garage, a pair of Superformance Cobras, a Superformance GT40 and a Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt. Can anyone say “garage goals!” Congrats to Randall!

Make sure to check out the April contest, which is now up and running. There you’ll find some Cobras… surprise ;)… as well as the Superlite SLC from our Spring issue’s cover, a Chevy Custom Wagon, an Factory Five 818, Evoluzione, a Kelmark, and oh yeah… more Cobras! If you haven’t participated yet, snap a picture of your ride and send it in. If you’ve already participated, send in another. We’re about to order some more in-house RCN shirts here, so why not shoot for another color if you've won already?

Vote for you favorite photo for this month here…. or enter your own ride for next months contest here.

There were some other great cars in this month's contest that received votes that can be seen in the gallery below. And also check out this video of Randall's Ford 427 FE-powered Thunderbolt running!

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