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LCD Gauge Displays LCDi-200

The LCDi-200 digital dash from LCD Gauge Displays is a standalone unit for monitoring engine functions, controlling mechanical and cabin features and displaying entertainment and navigation programs. Comprised of a 10.1-inch LCD display screen, a remote touchscreen display and an interface module, the LCDi-200 system is capable of handling an array of digital, analog and PWM inputs and outputs. Screens are sunlight readable and display in high-definition, with quick-acting displays for important functions such as tachometer readouts.

Standard functions include speedometer, tachometer, voltage, fuel level, temperature, odometer, trip, elevation readouts and more, while many optional features are available; including data logging, accelerometer, engine start/stop, boost, AFR and others. Screens can also be set up with graphics and background images, display backup cameras and control custom functions. The LCDi-200 system is also compatible with Vintage Air climate control systems and AccuAir e-Level suspension systems.

Tino Desideri, owner of LCD Gauge Displays, has the LCDi-200 system installed in his Factory Five Racing GTM, where is hosts an impressive array of functions, gauge readouts and graphics. Check out the LCDi-200 demo video below for more information.

LCD Gauge Displays | https://www.LCDdash.com | 647/522-9953

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