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July Photo of the Month Winner

CONGRATULATIONS to Superformance owner Andrei F. on winning the July Photo of the Month Contest!

July’s win for Andrei makes four months in a row for Superformance roadster owners. Andrei narrowly edged out two Factory Fives, Joseph’s FFR MkIV and Chris’ Type 65 Coupe, which came in second and third place respectively.

As we pondered what it will take to finally knock the Superformance owners off the podium, we received a submission from the owner of Superformance himself, Lance Stander, for the August contest. We’ll reveal that the streak of winning Superformance roadsters is coming to an end, as there was not one submitted this month, but Lance did send a special sneak peek of a future special edition car that the company has in the works.

Jcampbell Ffr7859 Idaho Falls Freeman Park 053016

We now have the August contest up and running. In addition to the special edition Superformance, there is a ’56 Chevy, Unique Motorcars 427, ’65 Shelby GT350, FFR 289, Grand Sport from D&D and an some odd anti-Cars & Coffee signage from a shopping center in Pennsylvania.

Please cast your vote for your favorite here and you can also submit your own ride for our next round of voting here. Winners will receive free ReinCarNation t-shirt and may be contacted about their vehicle being featured in ReinCarNation magazine.

Best of luck to future contestants and thank you to those that vote!

RCN Team

Beach 2X

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