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						Irs Investigation
IRS Investigation

Independent Rear Suspension

Art Morrison Enterprises has introduced a highly sophisticated and durable Multilink IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) that can be ordered as an option on the firm’s popular GT Sport chassis or installed in a wide variety of vehicles thanks to its unique “cradle” design. The Morrison Multilink IRS shares a design lineage with a number of the world’s fastest exotic cars, and it features a rugged center section from Strange Engineering (S60 unit with 9-1/2" diameter ring gear) designed to handle substantial horsepower. It provides important handling and ride benefits over older, fixed control-arm type of IRS setups and offers improved wheel adjustability. Available gear ratios range from 3.54 to 5.13, and the compact “package” design of the AME Multilink IRS allows it to accommodate brake systems with rotors up to 14.4" in diameter. It is available in track widths of 55.5", 57.5", 59.5" and 61.5" (wheel mounting surface-to-surface width).

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