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IDIDIT Quick-Release Steering Hub with Centering Pin

Removable steering wheel hubs are great for improving ingress and egress in a tight cockpit, but with dozens of individual splines on the steering shaft, it's tough get it straight on the first shot. Hence is the reason IDIDIT added a centering pin as standard on its five- and six-bolt quick-release steering wheel hubs.

A steel centering pin is installed in the aluminum hub, and coincides with a machined grove in the shaft, to ensure that drivers can quickly install the wheel in the same orientation every time. The centering pin can also be removed, for drivers who prefer a non-centered configuration, and all IDIDIT pull-type quick-release hubs are SFI certified.

“These new Quick-Release Steering Hubs ease ingress and egress from driver compartments and also serve as a low-cost security option when the steering wheel is removed from the vehicle,” notes Trever Cornwell of IDIDIT. “The removable locating pin allows the hub to quickly align with the spline, making centering the steering wheel trouble-free.”

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Ididit Steering Hub 2

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