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						Fragola Hose End

Fragola hose ends

The presence of ethanol in pump gasoline has driven the most change in fuel line technology since the birth of the AN fitting. If you’re running any ethanol or methanol blends in your ride, or are modifying your engine for more power, it’s time to ditch those traditional rubber fuel lines. EZ Street hose ends from Fragola are made to handle ethanol and methanol fuel blends and work with existing ethanol-/methanol-safe hose materials. Hose ends feature a double swivel design that allows flexibility for clocking fittings in a custom installation. Double Viton O-rings are also used on connections to prevent leaking fuel fumes. Hose ends are available in 6 and 8 AN sizes with 45-, 90-, 120-, 150- and 180-degree bends. 


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