Text by Dean Larson

Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Company 

By the numbers, Ford accepted just over 7.5% of the applications filled out for the 2017-18 Ford GT. If you were in the unlucky 92%, there’s no need to fear though, Ford has heard your cries and extended production for another two years. That’s another 500 GTs, 1000 total, bring the total rejection rate down to 84.6%. Did Ford have this planned all along? We’re not certain but we have our suspicions.

What this does mean is that waitlisted or deferred applicants need to update their requests for the next application window in early 2018, so mark your calendar now. Ford states that the third year of production will fill orders for waitlisted applicants and the forth year is reserved for deferred applications and those who missed the first window. So yes, you can still apply!

Ford reports that this decision was made in response to the large amount of applications and also to support IMSA and World Endurance Championship racing for the next four years. Whatever the reasons, we hope one of our readers is lucky enough to bag one of these beasts, and if you do, call us.