By Dean Larson

Photos: Hillbank Motor Corp.

We were blown away by the new Superformance Future GT Forty at the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Revising a classic with larger wheels, a wing and a V6 engine? Sounds like blasphemy! But one look at the final product will change your mind, as these elements have been integrated seamlessly, and the final product is striking to say the least.

While the core concept behind the Future GT dictated the use of Ford’s EcoBoost V6 engine, complete with masterfully installed twin turbos, the folks at Superformance knew that some would require the rumble of a V8 in any and all GT40s. Hence the other Future GT we saw at SEMA in the Hillbank Motorsports booth, which could be this very car.

Rolled off the line bearing chassis number P2369, this car was completed with a Ford Coyote 5.0-liter with a Roush supercharger. Hooked up to a five-speed Quaife transaxle, the whole combination is good for 650 hp.

The Future GT package has a boatload of visual elements distinguishing it from the standard GT40. An array of aero features were executed in carbon fiber and inspired by the modern Ford GT race cars, including twin canards up front, a quick-detach rear wing, and a removable front splitter. The 18- and 19-inch pin-drive HRE wheels were fit with color-coded center locking nuts, and the widened bodywork conceals 345-series rubber out back. The paint scheme was borrowed from the modern GT that won Le Mans for Ford in 2016.

Hillbank Motor Corp. is offering the GT here on eBay, and explains that it’s the first V8 Future GT Forty, and the first wide-body Future GT built.