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						Dubuc Candadian Built Tomahawk 1

Electrifying Dubuc Tomahawk

We noted the debut of the Candadian-built Tomahawk in a previous issue, with a chassis designed to accept a wide variety of powerplants. Now the University of Sherbrooke is lending a hand in the study of the electric version. TM4 is the supplier of the motors and Gentec is the controls. Genetic installs most electric circuits throughout the province of Quebec, and will provide technical support to Tomahawk customers. The unveiling of the prototype will be in early March at the Quebec International Auto Show done by the mayor of Quebec city.        

“We want the Tomahawk to be ‘builder friendly’ making it the easiest super car kit to build,” notes Dubuc’s Mike Kakogiannakis notes. The body comes fully mounted and assembled on the chassis without any bodywork needed, saving hundreds of hours of labor and thousands of dollars on a paint job. Even the windshield and back glass come installed. The body comes in a choice of five standard colors, and custom colors are optional for a fee.

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