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Drivers’ Choice Awards: Tire Category Winners

Last year we kicked off our second annual RCN Drivers’ Choice Awards program to recognize the top products and services in the world of replicas, unique classics and homebuilt cars. We posted 20 categories ranging from tools, tires and brakes, all the way up to complete turnkey vehicles and builder packages, and you voted for your favorites. Unfortunately we were not able to hand out our Drivers’ Choice Awards in person at the SEMA Show with its 2020 cancellation, but we look forward to recognizing our winners over the coming weeks here at rcnmag.com.

Very few of us romanticize about tires in the same way we dream about engines, wheels and fine coachwork, but that’s where the rubber meets the road, so to speak, and therefore one of the most important considerations in your vehicle’s handling. With that in mind, we have no problem admitting that we’re tire addicts, and firmly believe that the right tires can make as large of a visual statement as a new set of wheels. Six tire suppliers were nominated in our 2020 Drivers’ Choice Awards, and were pleased to note that these companies are legitimately great sources for hard-to-find rubber for your replicas and kit cars. We’d like to congratulate Tire Rack for receiving the gold medal in the Tire category.

A Dutch immigrant and natural entrepreneur, company founder Peter Veldman opened the first Tire Rack store in 1979 and continues to serve as president. Tire Rack is a booming business today, offering 26 major tire brands, 60 wheel brands and boasting 2.7 million square feet of distribution center space across the country. Tirerack.com features various technical resources for selecting the right tire for your vehicle, and Tire Rack also hosts their own track and weather conditions testing for tires. You can also find an array of other parts and accessories at tirerack.com, including wipers, suspension parts, brakes, tire pressure monitors, lug nuts and more.

Congratulations to Tire Rack, along with Coker Tires and Cobra Valley, who finished second and third in the Tire category respectively.

Thanks to all who voted, along with all the companies nominated in this category!

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