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Drivers’ Choice Awards: EFI System Category Winners

Last year we kicked off our second annual RCN Drivers’ Choice Awards program to recognize the top products and services in the world of replicas, unique classics and homebuilt cars. We posted 20 categories ranging from tools, tires and brakes, all the way up to complete turnkey vehicles and builder packages, and you voted for your favorites. Unfortunately we were not able to hand out our Drivers’ Choice Awards in person at the SEMA Show with its 2020 cancellation, but we look forward to recognizing our winners over the coming weeks here at rcnmag.com.

Whether it’s throttle body, multi-port, sequential or direct injection, fuel injection can be a huge upgrade for your ride in terms of drivability, fuel efficiency and cold starting. There are great EFI options on the market today, whether you’re pursuing all-out performance or simply more reliable cruising, and modern self-learning systems make tuning easier than ever. Seven companies were nominated in the Electronic Fuel Injection System category of our 2020 Drivers’ Choice Awards, and we’re pleased to announce that Jim Inglese 8-Stack Systems has been awarded the Gold medal.

Jim Inglese has forged a reputation in this industry as a true fuel system guru, especially in the art of Weber carburetors and stack-style injection systems, a science he’s been perfecting for over 40 years. Jim’s fascination with Weber carburetors started in 1977 with his first Cobra, CSX 2495, which sported a hot Weber-fed 289. Jim loved the full-throttle performance, but found the car ran poorly under 2,500 rpm, and set about learning all he could about Webers for the next year and a half. With all the right jets, tools and knowledge, Jim had the Cobra running perfect, and he also dialed-in a set of Webers on his 1965 GT350 as well. Jim traded his 289 and some cash for the 427 Cobra of his dreams in 1978, which he eventually converted from its single Holley four-barrel to four Weber 48IDAs, which offered staggering performance throughout the rpm range.

Jim went into business formally in 1979, offering Weber tuning services and casting his own manifolds as well. Today, Jim Inglese continues to offer Weber carburetor systems, in addition to a whole line of 8-Stack Injection Systems for Ford and Chevrolet applications. Offerings include Weber-style EFI systems that look just like the real deal, and also a line of modern EFI systems.

Congratulations to Jim Inglese, along with Borla Induction and Holley Performance Products, who finished second and third in the EFI Systems category respectively.

Thanks to all who voted, along with all the companies nominated in this category!

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