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Drivers’ Choice Awards: Builder/Fabricator Category Winners

Last year we kicked off our second annual RCN Drivers’ Choice Awards program to recognize the top products and services in the world of replicas, unique classics and homebuilt cars. We posted 20 categories ranging from tools, tires and brakes, all the way up to complete turnkey vehicles and builder packages, and you voted for your favorites. Unfortunately we were not able to hand out our Drivers’ Choice Awards in person at the SEMA Show with its 2020 cancellation, but we look forward to recognizing our winners over the coming weeks here at rcnmag.com.

We’re not ones to shy away from a challenge in the garage, but other times it’s appropriate to stand on the shoulders of giants, so to speak, and let the pros do their thing. We had all sorts of pros represented in the Builder/Fabricator category of our 2020 Drivers’ Choice awards, specializing in everything from turnkey vehicles and custom builds, to restorations and fabrication of specialty components. We’re pleased to announce that our readers awarded Scarab Motorsports the gold medal in this category.

Located in Overland Park, Kansas, Scarab Motorsports is run by Richard Kitzmiller and Beth Schmidt, who were previously coworkers at the U.S. Treasury Department before getting started in specialty automobiles. Relying on a background in Cobras, Sports 2000 cars and muscle cars, Kitzmiller began developing a Scarab re-creation based on molds taken from the original #3 Scarab. While the first car was built on a modified Cobra chassis, the following cars featured aluminum bodywork on a TIG welded chassis based on the original design. Today, the company offers several Scarab replica specifications, including a Street Scarab, Meister Bräuser edition, FIA certified Scarab, EV Scarab and more. The company also specializes in other ground-up vintage builds and development projects as well.

Congratulations to Scarab Motorsports, along with Acton Custom Enterprises and V’s Performance, who took silver and bronze medals respectively in the Builder/Fabricator category.

Thanks to all who voted, along with all the manufacturers nominated in this category!

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