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Drivers’ Choice 2020: Exhaust Category Winners

Last year we kicked off our second annual RCN Drivers’ Choice Awards program to recognize the top products and services in the world of replicas, unique classics and homebuilt cars. We posted 20 categories ranging from tools, tires and brakes, all the way up to complete turnkey vehicles and builder packages, and you voted for your favorites. Unfortunately we were not able to hand out our Drivers’ Choice Awards in person at the SEMA Show with its 2020 cancellation, but we look forward to recognizing our winners over the coming weeks here at rcnmag.com.

We like our cars fast and we like ’em loud, but every gearhead worth his mettle knows that it takes a special science to create an exhaust system symphony. The best exhaust manufacturers today are not only building full bolt-on systems for popular production cars, but also supplying purpose-built, state-of-the-art components for use in hot rods, race cars and custom builds. Seven companies were nominated in the Exhaust category of the 2020 Drivers’ Choice Awards, offering everything from new bolt-on components, to vintage side-pipes and replica systems. We’re pleased to announce that Borla Exhaust was awarded the gold medal in the Exhaust category.

Borla's story starts with a 14 year old immigrant from Transylvania in the 1960s by the name of Alex Borla, who would come to be the founder and CEO of Borla Performance Industries. Alex started working at a bicycle shop as a child before getting started with cars at a small VW shop in New York. Alex learned the ins and outs of the air-cooled VW and soon mastered Porsches as well. After several years in the dealership scene, Alex transitioned into collector cars and began specializing in Rolls-Royces, where he soon discovered an opportunity in supplying Rolls-Royce parts, including exhaust systems. After a supply shortage, Alex learned he could build his own systems, eventually utilizing improved mufflers and stainless steel pipe. His systems soon gained significant notoriety, and Alex began to expand his offerings to include other exotic marques, such as Ferrari, BMW and Porsche. The company headquarters moved from New York, to California, before landing at their current home near Johnson City, Tennessee.

Today Borla Performance Industries employs over 300 people and offers full systems for a variety of OEMs, as well as individual exhaust components and hardware. Additionally, the business has been expanded to include a line of fuel injection products called Borla Induction.

Congratulations to Borla, along with Magnaflow and Flowmaster, who finished second and third in the Exhaust category respectively.

Thanks to all who voted, along with all the companies nominated in this category!

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