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Devin Sports Cars Lives!

Devin Sports Cars resumes operations in Pennsylvania

Kevin Callahan is not a new Devin owner, but the new owner of Devin, as Callahan recently purchased the assets and intellectual property of Devin Sports Cars with plans to make parts available to Devin owners. Callahan purchased the company from a group of Devin owners in Glendale, California who had acquired the assets from Bill Devin’s widow upon his death.

A legend in the vintage racing and fiberglass car communities, Bill Devin is best remembered for creating attractive, lightweight fiberglass bodies that were reminiscent of Franco Scaglietti’s Ferrari Monza 750 and the Maserati 450S. Devin was one of the true pioneers in the early days of fiberglass, and his series of 50 molds allowed him to make composite bodies of his own design in 27 different configurations. His bodies were used a lightweight replacements for OEM steel bodies, and as the basis for ground-up sport customs and race cars.

Like Lance Reventlow, Carroll Shelby and other constructors of the time, Devin believed he could put together a team of all-American enthusiasts to build a car that could beat the European racers, which he did. With complete cars, he produced the Devin C and D, and the highlight of his career, was undoubtedly the Devin Super Sport.

The Devin SS was a fully realized performance roadster with a Devin-designed body, Chevrolet V8 power and a ladder-type chassis manufactured in Ireland. Weighing less than 2,000 pounds, the SS was a potent performer and would go on to win the C-Modified Championship for the California SCCA in 1959. Between 1959 and 1963, the SS posted seven class wins on various SCCA road race courses, among other notable achievements in the early 1960s.

The Devin GT would be the final model developed by Devin Enterprises. Two cars were scheduled for display at the 1964 New York Auto Show, but only one was completed in time. The car was well received and an order was placed for 60 Devin GTs by Imported Cars of Greenwich, Connecticut, but Devin did not have sufficient financial backing to produce that number of cars in the required timeframe.

But that’s not the end of the story for the Devin. Work has begun on an old Reading Truck body facility located outside of Philadelphia that will be the new home of Devin. In the 7,000 square foot facility, the original fiberglass molds, tooling, investment sand casting, jigs and countless bins of parts are being inventoried and categorized in an effort to maintain a supply line of body parts and car-specific items for current owners.

When asked why Devin Sports Cars, Callahan is quick to point out that he comes from the Speed Racer generation and grew up dreaming about cars of this style. And after all, what kid didn’t want to grow up to own his own car company? Kevin is presently the owner/president of Site Specific Design, Inc., an Engineering Manufacturers Rep firm with offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. He’s not ready yet to give up his day job just yet, but looks forward to one day being able to devote more time to his passion. Above and beyond the current Devin assets, Callahan is interested in the idea of a Devin Corvette, a sort of “what if” project exploring how Devin would have developed a Corvette if his team had worked with Chevrolet, as Shelby did with Ford.

Helping Kevin with the project is Kreg Jones, a noted Devin sports car archaeologist who just happens to live in the next town. The team has started categorizing and organizing the boxes of parts and molds to make them available to Devin buffs. Devin Sports Cars, LLC has now been setup as a historical preservation motor company aimed at supporting the enthusiast market around the world.

If vintage American sports cars and fiberglass is your thing, head on over to devinsportscarsllc.com for more information. Kevin and his team are updating the site as more parts and accessories become available, and we cant wait to see what they’ve got in the works.

Devin Sports Cars, LLC. | devinsportscarsllc.com | 215/768-4135 | On Instagram @devinsportscarsllc

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