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Dates for Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals

With the 40th Anniversary of Carlisle Events ongoing in 2014 and music fans across the country celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles coming to the states, it's only fitting that the Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals do a little British Invasion celebration of its own. This year's event, May 16-18 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds, highlights British cars as a showcase, plus hosts live music and the rest of the automotive world as part of this amazing international automotive celebration.

What makes the weekend event so popular is the compelling combination of kit and import cars, the largest of its type in the country. And to create a festival atmosphere, Carlisle hosts live music, a special passport program where guests traverse the grounds to view the show cars, have a special booklet stamped, then earn prizes, all for doing what they’d plan on doing anyway—enjoying the displays. This weekend is also popular because it hosts multiple free seminars with industry experts, so it’s a great place for car clubs to gather and share automotive passions. The kits on display include replicas of Shelby Cobras, Porsche Speedster and Spyder, and ever-popular dune buggies.

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