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						Ultimate Classic Cars 1953 Corvette Replica
Corvette Reincarnation

Ultimate classic cars 1953 Corvette replica

In addition to offering its enlarged GT-427 Cobra, Ultimate Classic Cars is now working on bringing to market a replica of the 1953 Corvette. A previously manufactured replica from a car enthusiast out of California is currently on loan to UCC, and is being used as a basis for creating new molds for a modern version of the ’53 Corvette.

As of this writing, UCC’s crew has disassembled the loaner shown here and is presently about one-third finished with the body molds. The company will soon be mocking up a new high-performance chassis. Like the GT-427, UCC plans to improve upon the original design and modernize the vehicle in several ways. These changes include dropping the floorpans slightly, and extending the footwell forward to make the passenger compartment more comfortable. The firm also intends to reengineer the frame to accept an adjustable, coil-over front suspension (Mustang II spindles and QA-1 shocks), and a 9-inch rear differential with a 4-link Panhard-bar suspension. The drivetrain setup is for GM’s emissions-compliant E-Rod LS3 with a 4L65E transmission. This approach will enable UCC to offer the car as a turnkey, under the new small-volume replica law. For those who prefer a traditional Cobra engine, component vehicles will be available as well.

In addition, UCC will be rolling out a replica of the ’32 Ford Hiboy, using a suspension similar to the ’53 Corvette. All told, they promise to be some cool classics with contemporary components.

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